Tuesday, 22 April 2008


In case anyone was wondering, we survived the Monday madness. We only missed one activity, which was band, but Kyrie made it to the concert rehearsal in the evening, so I don't feel too bad about it. The kids felt the testing went well, Tartan got to hear the boys play at their guild audition, and the day overall didn't feel too stressful. Praise God!

Tonight I went to the homeschool information night put on by a group I belong to. There were quite a number of organizations advertising their co-ops, academies, extracurricular activities, etc. I saw a few possibilities for our family for next year, but we'll have to think and pray about it because there's only so much of even good/great stuff that we can do without burning out. Well, without my burning out (have to be truthful here).

Trusting in the Lord,

PS One of these days I'm going to post more photos.

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Getting ready for extra busyness

The girls have been having extra pre-exam classes for ballet for the last few Saturdays and will for two more. Next Monday, the oldest three are taking the Stanford Achievement Tests (part 1), Kyrie has band, the boys have Guild performances for piano, the girls have ballet, Alex has Scouts, and Kyrie has band concert rehearsal. Do you feel tired just reading that? I do. Fortunately, Tartan is taking time off to take the boys to Guild. This weekend the guys are on the AWANA campout. The last week of April is ballet exams. In May there's piano recital, band concert, ballet rehearsals for performances of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe- and of the course the actual performances. And then, there's still school. On the other hand, PE and AWANA will soon come to an end. God willing it will all balance out.

I'm ready for summer. :)

We watched the Arsenal \ Man United game. It was quite the game. We did wish that the Gunners could have pulled a win, but at least it was a close contest. They played well, just not well enough.

>Naomi for the Colliers

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

A wee bit of Scotland

If we can't be in Scotland, then the next best thing is to have friends from Scotland visiting. It's been wonderful seeing the Richardsons and the Farmers and getting all the news. I don't like to put up pictures unless I've asked permission- and I didn't think of it. If I remember to, then I'll post a pic or two.

I like listening to their perspectives and impressions of Americans, and Texans in particular. I'm a native Texan (lack of accent notwithstanding) so I really do like to hear what they think. I hope they go back and have such glowing reports of what a great place it is that we get to see even more of our Banchory friends in the future! And, if the Pletchers are not available, we'd be more than happy to host, though we have to admit the accommodations are a bit tighter. :)

Though I miss Scotland, I do love Texas and one of the best things about living here is being closer to family again. We got to visit with Michelle and Mark this past weekend and just have a fun time together and catch up. Bianca and Jay had to bow out, but that's okay because we can just arrange another time to see them. Besides, they're babysitting for us this coming weekend. :)

Trusting in Jesus,
Naomi for the Colliers