Tuesday, 27 October 2009

I can do that!

Aimee is in mimic mode now. I realized just last night that she can clap. It's the first time I've seen her clap more than once at a time. She looked pretty pleased with herself. That evening I was looking in the mirror with her and Tartan came up and started scrunching up his face at her. After a moment, she started doing it, too. They played this game for several minutes. Then he stuck his tongue out. She scrunched up her face and then, with an effort, she managed to stick out her tongue for a moment, too. Kyrie tells me that she stuck out her arms for a hug from Aimee and when she put them down, Aimee came over and put her arms out. When Kyrie patted her back during the hug, Aimee patted her back. This is definitely a fun time.

She's crawling around like a little demon. We have a gate for the bottom of the stairs that I've borrowed from a friend. Our own should be delivered today or tomorrow. There's a bit of a gap that she'll figure out soon so hopefully Tartan will jury-rig something before then. She can pull up to standing, but she's not cruising around things yet. That will come before long though.

The thought just came to me that she is 10 months old today! In just 2 months she'll be a year old!! On Saturday, Abigail will be 8. She's having a 50's style sock hop themed party. I'm still not entirely certain how that's all going to look. She's invited a number of girls and a couple of boys she's friends with- and I have no idea how many are going to show up. Should be interesting.

Ok, next cute trick. Alex came over to get her to do her repertoire. He then stuck his tongue out, but she couldn't quite get it. She reached out to try and grab his tongue. Then, she put her hand up to her mouth until her tongue came out to touch it, then she put her hand down. Ta da! She was sticking out her tongue! She did this a couple of times. Very funny!

All I have time for for now!

In Him,
>Naomi for the Colliers

Friday, 2 October 2009

Cooler temps\higher temps

We had a sizable thunderstorm pass through our area last night around 2:30am. It brought cooler temperatures along behind it. It's only about 70 degrees F right now and the high should only be around 80. Unfortunately, I was already awake at the time because Aimee woke up feverish. We fell back asleep, though fitfully, and I finally gave her Calpol (UK Tylenol) at 5:30.

We've pretty well gotten into a routine for school and activities. We've made some adjustments and will probably have to make more, but overall it's working pretty well. We're actually keeping on track with school work! Kyrie is doing very well with her busy dance schedule. She's getting her school work done and really enjoying her four ballet classes, plus turns and jumps, modern and hip hop. She'll be dancing in a benefit show for Ballet Excelsior (www.balletexcelsior.org) called Dessert with a Purpose at the end of October.

Alex went out around the neighborhood twice in the last few weeks to sell wreaths for Scouts. It took him 2 hours the last time. His knuckles were sore, but his persistence paid off. In school, he's taking a literary analysis class at The Bridge Classes and likes it so far. Hopefully it'll challenge him to think a little deeper about what he reads and then be able to write about it. For science, he's taking chemistry with ApologiaOnline. We hope he'll understand it better this time. He and Aidan continue to take piano lessons though we had to find a new instructor. The nice thing is that she comes to our house on Tuesdays so that's one less trip out of the house. I've noticed that from about the end of last spring and over the summer Aidan has been much more consistent and enthusiastic about piano. The same has been true about learning his AWANA verses. That's been great to see. He's in his last year of Cub Scouts and will join Alex in Boy Scouts in February, I think.

Abigail is now in grade 1 ballet and she's found it to be a little more challenging. She really has to keep quiet now. She has voiced a preference for her tap class and is also enjoying hip hop with her big sister. Kayleigh has loved going to her own tap\ballet class, especially since a friend from church is in class with her. The little ones are SO CUTE in their class. All the kids (except Aimee) are again taking PE at the Y.

Aimee is a little over nine months old now! She eats baby food, crackers and oat o's and has started drinking water from a sippy cup. I haven't given her juice yet- maybe because Kayleigh has been such a juice addict.

It's taken all day, a little at a time, to get this written. We've done school work, had lunch, tidied the house for small group tonight, gone to the park with some other homeschoolers, and the kids have had pizza for dinner. My GF pizza is in the oven now.

Hope you're enjoying autumn wherever you are!

Trusting in Jesus!
>Naomi for the Colliers