Friday, 30 April 2010

Aimee Report

Aimee is growing like a weed and it's no wonder because she's much more interested in eating than any of her sisters or brothers. She is the queen of snack. She knows how to sign "more" and "please" and sometimes she'll do "eat". Since I didn't teach any signs to the others, I'm wondering if her increased ability to communicate is the reason. I believe her favorite food is Goldfish crackers followed closely by cheese. She also likes to drink milk, juice and water. She's still nursing but I need to think about weening soon.

Her vocabulary continues to grow. She can say "mama" and "dada", of course. She also says "cheese", "out" (as in "take me out of my crib\play pen\high chair\car seat\stroller,etc.), "up" (as in "pick me up"), "shoes", "cat" (as in any non-human creature, including horses and fish), and others I can't think of at the moment, some of which we've only heard once or twice.

She says "Abi" to mean not just Abigail, but I think any of her siblings whose attention she wants to attract. We have heard something close to "Alex". And, the one that makes us all giggle, even me, is how she attempts to say "Bug". She can't get the g sound so it comes out as "But".

She is very social, rather like Abigail. She walks up to people and waves and says "hi!" That reminds me: she can say "hi" as well as "bye". So far she seems to reserve blowing kisses for family. She really does like to wave at people and passing cars though. Tartan and I take an evening walk around the block most nights and he'll carry her in the backpack carrier. She loves the view of the world she gets way up there. One evening we were out walking and though there was no one around, she started waving and saying "hi!" We figure that she wants to be a parade float queen one day and she was practicing.

Her difficulties with sleeping appear to be over. I have even been able to set her down while she is still awake and get only a token amount of fussing about it. Most nights I don't hear any sound from her at all. She really hated being set down in her crib, even for a daytime nap, so it's a big relief that she's learned to accept that sleep is necessary.

Well, I have a lot of other things to post like: Easter, homeschool PE field day, butterfly and ladybug release, and other things that I've probably forgotten. Hopefully I'll get a chance to catch up soon.

Trusting in the Lord who works all things for good to those who love Him,