Thursday, 20 December 2007

John 3:16

John 3:16

God . . . the greatest Lover
So loved . . . the greatest degree
The World . . . the greatest number
That He gave . . . the greatest act
His only Son . . . the greatest gift
So that everyone . . . the greatest invitation
Who believes . . . the greatest simplicity
In Him . . . the greatest person
Will not perish . . . the greatest escape
But . . . the greatest difference
Have . . . the greatest certainty
Eternal life . . . the greatest destiny

- J. Edwin Hortell

Thanks to the Prebishes for including this in their Christmas letter.

Trusting in The Gift,
Naomi for the Colliers

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Christmas shopping

Don't hate me, but my Christmas shopping is nearly done. I'm still waiting for one item to show up and we haven't finished getting gifts for the kids' extracurricular activity teachers. I thought we were finished, but I forgot a few. Other than that, Tartan has a few things he's in charge of procuring and maybe I'll get a few small things to round out the stockings. I'm feeling rather relieved, especially since I started a little later than I usually do.

We have lights up around the eaves outside the house (for the first time in I'm not sure how many years)! I also got a pair of pre-lighted mini trees to stand to either side of the front door. I think they look cute.

We don't have any Christmas pictures or even the beginning of a Christmas letter, though- but that's nothing new.

Time to get started with school, of which this is our last week until after the new year. Hopefully with so many things done, we'll take the opportunity to savor the season and give thought to the Saviour.

Merry Christmas, y'all!
>Naomi for the Colliers

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

"I'm Buggy Boo"

That's Kayleigh's standard answer if you ask her who she is. It's her usual answer to any question about her, actually. "How are you?" "How old are you?" Answer: "I'm Buggy Boo." Yesterday I do think I heard her say "Fine" when someone asked how she was.

If I say, "Are you Kayleigh?"
She nods.
If I say, "Are you Kayleigh Bug?"
She nods.
If I say, "Are you Bug?"
She nods.
If I say, "Are you Kayleigh Grace?"
She says, "No, I'm Buggy Boo."

Tartan enjoys calling her Kayleigh Grace because she giggles at him for being so silly and she tells him who she really is.

Remembering (at least briefly) to rejoice in all things,
Naomi for the Colliers

Sunday, 2 December 2007

The 1st Sunday of Advent

Today is when the Advent season officially begins. The children can start putting the felt nativity characters on the advent calendar. Actually they should have started yesterday, but I'm not sure they remembered. Last night my sister, Bianca, and her husband came over and watched the children for us so Tartan and I could go to his organization's Christmas party. ExxonMobil is obviously a huge company, so separate entities within it organize their own festivities. On Tuesday, his group is having a family lunch.

Our dishwasher died again: the evening before Thanksgiving. Fortunately, it was only our own immediate family having Thanksgiving dinner- but we still generated a fair amount of dirty dishes. It seems a fuse went out and it should be running again on Tuesday. The kids have been getting a lot of practice in washing dishes by hand. :)

We wish you all a peaceful, joyful, and blessed Christmas season!

Remembering that Jesus is the reason for the season,
Naomi for the Colliers