Sunday, 14 November 2010

2010 Webelos Woods

Well, the Tall Timbers 2010 Webelos Woods is done and in the record books now; over 600 scouts and cubs from the Woodlands/Spring area enjoyed a great weekend with wonderfully cool weather and lots of opportunity for the cubs to visit with the various troops and decide which they would like to join.

A handful of dedicated scouts from the Mato OA (Order of the Arrow) chapter worked tirelessly all weekend to make it all happen: Seth Whitaker, Alex Gumm, Alex Collier and Kevin Dunnican were everywhere -- helping with registration, check-in/check-out and parking, staffing the "Colonneh Cafe" trading post, building and running the campfire, performing an OA call out, and even conducting their first OA Brotherhood ceremony! Without their help, Webelos Woods would not have been possible.

Several OA Advisors were also key to making the weekend work: Chris Jones was the overall coordinator of Webelos Woods this year, and kept things moving -- making sure the camp was prepared and all the campsites assigned, working with the OA ceremonies team on the campfire, call out and Brotherhood ceremony, and pretty much everything else as well. Bryant Dunnican was our camp medic for the weekend, I spent nearly all the weekend in the registration office handling all the paperwork, and newlywed Bobby Warren was our weekend chef (the fajitas were great!).

A number of other scout leaders, parents, and arrowmen pitched in to help at various points during the weekend, and the help was very much needed and appreciated. It's weekends like this when we see scouting at it's best, and I'm proud to be associated with such a great organization!