Saturday, 18 July 2009

Wicked; Party Time; RAIN

Kyrie's CYT showcase on Friday was a lot of fun. They manage to learn a lot in just one week! She loved it.

Kayleigh's puppy party was a big hit, too. She had a wonderful time with her friends. Kyrie added the features for our puppy cupcakes and did most of the interior decorating. Abigail organized the game time. They played a puppy bean bag toss (Kyrie drew a big puppy that she taped to a box and then cut out the mouth); dog, dog, cat (just like duck, duck, goose) and a bone hunt (paper cut-out bones that they exchanged for a prize).

Finally, after the party was all done and I'd had a nap, a sizable thunderstorm swept through. The girls ran around for a little bit, but then we called them back onto the patio. The only unfortunate thing is that the wind managed to knock over the portable awning we had over the lower patio. We had anchors on it, but they couldn't do the job. It wasn't enough to dampen (pun not intended) our enthusiasm though: we were all so glad to see the rain pouring down!

Thankful in all things,
Naomi for the Colliers

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Praying for rain

It's been extremely hot and dry this summer! We've lost one pine tree to beetles and another one may die. We've had the rest of our trees sprayed and fertilised so we're hoping that will be the extent of the damage.

Quick update:

Kyrie has been having a fun time at CYT day camp all week. They are doing a showcase of songs from Wicked on Friday. She has a dance solo and we're looking forward to seeing the show. Next week is Abigail's turn at the Newsies camp.

Alex has been to summer camp and at the end of this month he and Tartan head to Indiana for the National Order of the Arrow Conference. Next week Tartan and Aidan go camping at Cub Scout Webelos camp.

Aidan, Kayleigh, Abigail and Kyrie took swim lessons at the Y in June. Aidan can move up to the next level, but all showed improvement from last year. This was the first time for Bug to take lessons so it was big for her to be able to blow bubbles, put her face in the water and to jump in without holding the instructor's hands. She did all three by the end of the week.

Kyrie dances modern and hip hop and Abigail joins her for hip hop all this month. Kyrie had to miss this week, but Abi goes to hip hop this afternoon. She's the smallest person in the class but she has plenty of energy (and attitude) for it.

Alex and Aidan continue taking piano lessons over the summer. It's great to hear their playing steadily improving.

We finally set up a crib for Aimee, but she doesn't like it much. I'm trying to get her used to it, but it's not been a happy process. I have a feeling this is going to take a while. Otherwise she's a healthy, happy, plump little baby. People comment on 2 things: her abundance of hair and her chunky legs.

Bug gets to celebrate her birthday with a party this coming Saturday. For various reasons, it's the earliest date we could do it. Last year, Kyrie and Aidan both had their parties a month late so this is not really all that unusual for us. :)

That's enough for now. Time for my lunch!

>Naomi for the Colliers