Saturday, 5 September 2009

Amphibian Adventures

Here's a picture of Fon. We never had an actual vote, but I've heard Alex calling it Fon, so I've gone with that. He was correct about one thing... Fon was still a polliwog at this stage. It (don't know if it's male or female) has since lost the tail. I always thought they lost it before leaving the water, but Fon was found next to Tartan's truck tire. Learned something new! It is also a frog and not a toad like Lugh. The unnamed toad turned out to be a red shirt. We found it dead about a week ago.

Lugh has become somewhat more relaxed in the tank- not so quick to jump away and hide. Fon, on the other hand, leaps across the tank if someone walks by (and it's not already hiding somewhere). Wonder if it too will become blase eventually.

If they live long enough, they'll add atmosphere when Abigail has to read Frog and Toad Are Friends for school.

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