Sunday, 30 March 2008


Arsenal played Bolton this weekend (not Liverpool)- and we didn't get the game here. We did get to see the highlights; made us wish we could have seen the game. What a comeback! We saw the highlights for ManU vs Aston Villa, too. Yikes! They walked all over Aston Villa. Ronaldo, Rooney, and I can't think of the other fellow's name, but they're quite the force.

Enough football.

The Cub Scout campout was a lot of fun. The weather was mostly very nice- especially Saturday. Abigail fished, the boys ran around with friends or just relaxed, and Kyrie went to be "caddy" for her Dad at the nearby golf course. They all also had fun riding their bikes around the loop where our campsites were. I enjoyed not having to do laundry or cook and Kayleigh was pleased to be able to sleep in a tent with her sisters. Saturday night was movie night and the scout pack and families sat out under the stars watching Enchanted on a large sheet. Very entertaining. We'll likely get a copy one of these days. Sunday morning is when Abigail finally caught a white bass. Too small to keep, but she was chuffed. I did get a picture. We had almost finished packing up when the rain let loose and came pouring down. Fortunately, everything dried out very quickly at home. All in all, a terrific campout.

For the Colliers,

Thursday, 27 March 2008

Go Gunners!

Out of curiosity, if you understand what the title means- could you leave a comment? I'm not sure who stops by on a regular (semi-regular, occassional) basis. Some of you must know what it means and are probably aghast.

Tartan was just channel surfing I think and we came upon an Arsenal football (soccer) game. I can't remember who they were playing; it was English Premier, but they weren't one of the top teams. We were really impressed with Arsenal's level of play. Another time the match was a little more even, but Arsenal pulled out on top. We were disappointed this weekend when they lost to Chelsea, but I think we're hooked. I believe they play Liverpool this weekend so we'll have to record because we're off to the Cub Scout family campout. We have not seen ManU play yet. It's funny but we rarely watched football when we were in Scotland. We did watch the World Cup, at least the last few games, but that was mostly it. I think we're watching it now because it reminds us of our time in Scotland and because we have to hunt for it now. It's also nice to be able to watch a sporting event without commercials.

I still find it strange that football jerseys don't have the team name on them, but the sponsor- which can change. Apparently for years, Arsenal wore O2 but now they're sponsored by Emirates Airlines and their jerseys say "Fly Emirates". We've seen them play at Emirates stadium- is that their home stadium and did it used to be called O2 stadium?? Chelsea is Samsung and ManU is AIG. Does anyone have the Gecko on their jerseys?

Speaking of the Gecko, Geico is sponsoring an exhibit at the Houston Zoo. We went this past Saturday, but we missed seeing the Gecko who is available for photos and supposedly speaks with what the brochure called "that cute British accent". I never really thought about his accent before because I first saw the commercials in Scotland. He just sounds normal. :)

I've rambled on long enough. Time for school.

Hope you had a happy Easter. He is Risen!!

Trusting in the Risen Saviour,
Naomi for the Colliers

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Alex is 14!

Alex is excited to get the soundtrack to The Return of the King from his grandpa and (on the right) he's pleased to receive Super Smash Bros Brawl for the Wii. His siblings were even more excited that he got Brawl. He's been hyping it up with them for months. So far it seems to be a hit.

Hard to believe it's been 14 years!
>Naomi for the Colliers

Saturday, 8 March 2008

March madness

I'm not talking about the college basketball championship series. I'm talking about "Ah! It's March! Are getting anywhere with school!?!" The answer is, yes, we are- but a moment of panic still comes. I won't bore you with the details of our homeschool, though.

Instead, I'll tell you about our latest family trip.

Last weekend we hooked up the camper and drove to Austin. We stayed at McKinney Falls state park. We didn't see much of the park, so I think we'll try and stay there again sometime. The reason for the visit, besides seeing my brother and his wonderful family, was Explore UT. Our alma mater has a campus-wide open house every year and we decided to check it out. It was a lot of fun: we got to see our old school and we and the kids enjoyed everything from scenes from Shakespeare acted out to a lecture on medieval weapons. The girls and I watched Shakespeare- the boys went to the lecture. We saw demonstrations at the engineering schools, made shields and crowns in the South Mall, ate lunch at our old dorm, Jester Center (the cafeterias look a LOT nicer now), and learned to march like the Showband of the Southwest in the "Bubble"- an enclosed playing field.

We enjoyed having dinner with my brother, my sister-in-law, and my nephew, who is a couple of months younger than Bug. Abigail showered him with affection and he loved it. He was more reserved with myself and Tartan, but he seemed quite happy with all the cousins.

Sunday morning before we headed back home, we visited the church where the pastor who married us is now the senior associate pastor. We don't know if he knew to be looking for us, or maybe it's just that a family with five kids just naturally sticks out, but he did see us and came over to give us a warm welcome. We haven't had the opportunity to see him since Aidan was traveling in a car seat, though we've kept in touch by e-mail - mostly at Christmas. He looked a little older (I'm sure we did, too!), but he had the same energy, good humor, and obvious love for his job and his Boss. :) We also met both sets of parents of friends of ours who were ex-pats in Norway while we were in Scotland. They treated us like they'd known us for years rather than meeting us for the first time.

Since Alex will be 14(!) as of March 18th, we might soon find ourselves making more family trips centered around possible college choices. Wow, what a thought. I won't say what he's getting for his birthday {bag of coal} since he might read this beforehand. Just kidding, son.

Trusting in the Lord,
Naomi for the Colliers