Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Kyrie's Silver Award Project

Kyrie, Abigail and several of Kyrie's buddies made felt blankets and chew toys for homeless animals and ear warmers and scarves for homeless people for Kyrie's Girl Scout Silver Award Project.

The items were given to the Conroe Animal Shelter and to Star of Hope Houston.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Aidan's Arrow of Light

Aidan's arrow was found to be worthy at the Boy Scout Arrow of Light ceremony on Friday night. His big brother was part of the OA team that planned and put on the ceremony. It was done along the lake at Camp Strake and the only lighting was the bonfire on Ceremony Island, which is just a short bridge length away from shore. The Cubs enter crossing one bridge and after they receive their arrow, they depart on another- symbolically crossing over to Boy Scouts. It was very nicely done, but no flash photography was allowed and I think non-flash photography wouldn't have caught a thing. I'm including photos of Aidan before and after the ceremony and also with the OA team afterwards. Alex got to experience what celebrities do all the time- lots of flash photography. He had to stand there while individuals and sometimes groups of boys had their pictures taken with them. The groups were harder because then he had a bunch of flashes going off at once and repeatedly. He was a good sport about it, of course.