Friday, 13 November 2009

The Brilliance of Babies

Kyrie just related this story to me:

She was putting together her lunch when Aimee crawled over and pulled on her leg. Kyrie looked down and said, "No, Aimee, I can't pick you up." Aimee frowned and dropped down. Then she crawled over to an oat "o" on the floor, picked it up, and looked impishly at Kyrie. When she knew Kyrie had seen, she took off crawling. Since Kyrie knows I'm trying to discourage Aimee from eating off the floor, she swooped down and picked her up to take it away. Aimee promptly dropped the "o" and happily grabbed onto Kyrie. Kyrie says that Aimee is going to grow up to be like her. Hey, wait a moment, what does that mean??

Thankful for my daughters,
(and my sons!),


Monday, 9 November 2009

Deep Thoughts with Alex Collier

By Naomi

I was getting ready to nurse Aimee and she was doing what Alex refers to her as her "maniacal" laugh because Mom had finally gotten a clue and was going to let her eat. Alex was passing by and had a sudden insight. He said, "Shouldn't we be like that every time we have the opportunity to study our Bible and get spiritual nourishment?" I wasn't too sure about that, but then he went on. "Of course, we need more than just spiritual milk.... we need to move on to spiritual pizza." It really went downhill from there.